Hire a Face Painter Tampa Bay Amazing Face Painting FAQ. Answers to common questions. 
Please call for more info on face painting at your party 727-565-3502. 
At what age is it OK to paint a child?
It depends on the child but we generally will not paint a child under the age of 2. However, some children tolerate it better and we do try to accommodate all guests so if face painting is really wanted, we will try an arm or a leg on the younger children. In the cases where a parent is passionate about having their child's face painted, we will decline if that child obviously does not want to be painted.

What type of face paint do you use at a face painting party?
We usually use Diamond FX brand exclusively, although some of our rainbow pots may come from TAG brand from time to time. We find that these paints work best for us in the hot Florida weather. All paints and glitters used at any face painting party are professional, FDA approved, cosmetic grade, have anti-bacterial properties added to them and are hypoallergenic. Our face painting paints and face glitter are made for skin only.

How well do you interact with children?
We pride ourselves in our ability to relate and have fun with children of all ages. JoAnna is no stranger to children and comes from a rather large family! She has 5 siblings, 2 daughters, a grandchild, 22 nieces and nephews and countless young cousins. We love all kids and play with them. We make them feel relaxed and protected while in the chair, as well as special, because they all are.

How long does it take for each face painting design?
At a face painting party, each face takes 5 to 8 minutes. For more intricate designs, it will take longer. It depends on the design and the amount of guests at the face painting party. We can face paint cheek art in a much shorter amount of time.

What about germs and cross contamination?
We do not face paint any face showing signs of break-outs, cold sores, a conspicuously runny nose or warts. We won't risk cross infection with other faces! In these cases, an arm, wrist or ankle can be painted instead. We also have many exciting temporary tattoos so no child will be disappointed. During the face painting party, we use hand sanitizer and baby wipes continuously. After each face painting event, we wash all our linens and equipment in hot soapy water and we soak our brushes and sanitize everything to be ready for the next face painting party.

How hard is it to wash off the face paint?
When removing the face painting make-up after a face painting party, use an old rag or a dark cloth with a gentle liquid baby cleanser that features 
a "tears free" soap. I prefer to use Johnson & Johnson No More Tears. Get the face very wet and lather, wipe off and rinse then repeat. Do not scrub and irritate the skin, the face paint will come off the skin with very little rubbing. If residue remains, moisturize the face, wait a half hour, then
gently wash the face again.

What do I need to provide to prepare for the face painters arrival?
The only thing we need is an area large enough for our 6' table and director's chair. We also need a well-lit area at night or a shady area during the day. We prefer to bring our own table and chairs that we use specifically at face painting parties but there are instances when we will ask the customer to have a table and chairs set up. We also have a festival tent that we can bring upon request for outdoor face painting parties that have no shade.

How much does a face painter cost?
It depends on the amount of guests at the party and the details, but generally the price is $75 per hour for one face painter, $110 an hour for two face painters. Beware of really cheap face painters! Remember, you get what you pay for so do not use cheap face painters. They equal cheap paint and poor quality workmanship in the designs.

How do I book my face painter?
We prefer the old-fashioned method of calling to discuss, but the easiest way is through the website. Go to our Book a Face Painter page and fill out the form and we will call you to discuss all the details and get you on our calendar.

How far do you travel?
We are professional, experienced, face painters based in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Our town is Saint Petersburg, Florida and we will happily travel within a 100 mile radius of Saint Petersburg. Travel fees may apply if we need travel over 50 miles one way. 

How do I pay for my face painting service?
Cash as well as payments through Paypal. I will accept personal checks for a prepaid party if received at least one week prior. 

Do you face paint at festivals and large events?
Yes we do! We have face painted at some of Florida's largest events and many of the festivals, fairs and carnivals throughout the entire state. We are a high volume company. Most of our jobs are bigger events. We enjoy every size but our forte is larger, fast-paced events. We are professional, precise and quick. We are able to paint many faces nonstop and perfectly; all with a smile and sometimes a hug!

What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?
Make sure your provider uses FDA approved theater make up paints with non-latex sponges and is great with kids.

What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking you out?
How many children will be at the party? The time and date of the party and the party theme.

What do you like most about your job?
The best thing about face painting is making the person we paint feel happy and special. There is NOTHING more satisfying and wonderful than giving that person a mirror when we're done painting them and watching the expression on their face as they gaze at their amazing transformation. It's awesome and a great job and makes everything worth it for us just to have that one moment in time with that person. 

Are you just face painters or artists that face paint too?
We are all professional artists with over 50 years of combined experience in creating all types of art! We just all happen to love face painting and we adore children. JoAnna is a commercial artist with 25 years in the business. Angela has been a fine artist for over 13 years and attends a magnet Visual Art's High School. Joannie has been a professional sculptor and make up artist for over 10 years. 

Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?
What makes us unique is the fact that unlike most face painters who can only entertain you with specific designs they have memorized, we are real artists that can face paint for any theme and also body paint whatever you imagine!

Are the photographs on this site all from Honey Bunch Face Painting parties and events?
Yes, all the photos on this site are of our face painter's talented work and are the property of Honey Bunch Face Painting and are copyrighted. Please do not use any images on this site without the expressed written consent of the owner.  2014 Copyright Honey Bunch Face Painting. All rights reserved.
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